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On my 31st birthday here are 31 things I’m grateful for. Whats on your list?

Another year, another birthday – and another list of everything I’m grateful for! Here goes…

1. My training partners. Especially Em and Oz – they’re badass and I love it.

training partner

2. The 6W2S team. It’s hard to find great trainers but I’ve been so lucky with this crew. Along with old timers like Trimmer, Ash, Scotty and my brother Sam in Adelaide, the newbies are doing a cracking job: Jem, Shauny and Em. Trimmer deserves a shout-out as he’s been there from the start, when it was fairly challenging. It runs a little more smoothly now.

3. The team behind the scenes. There is a little group behind the scenes who do a much better push job of organising my life than I do. Keri is an ABSOLUTE rockstar, and Cazz is the best admin assistant I’ve ever had. Stokesy, Katia and Jords are also super cheap nfl jerseys efficient in their roles.

4. Those that are always up for a surf. It’s still the most peaceful thing I do, and it’s always a good time out there with Chris, Jack, Jimmy, Fordy and Macca.


5. My parents. I wouldn’t say I has had the most ideal upbringing, but my parents helped to shape me into the person I am today. I’m extremely grateful for that :)

6. The long-term relationships I’ve had. My first proper relationship was a 3.5-year one with Sash, who taught me so much and is one of cheap nba jerseys my closest friends to this day. My two other long-term relationships were far from perfect, but I learnt so many good lessons from them.

7. Health, fitness and motivational gurus.  Particularly Lola Berry, Kira Sutherland, Ben Coomber, Eric Thomas, Rach Guy, Luka Hovecar, Lewis Howes, Carl Paoli, Libby Babet and Dan Henderson. The list goes on!

8. Living in Sydney. There was a fair bit of carry on over the floods we had last week – probably because 98% of the time, Sydney, the weather and everything it has to offer is AWESOME.

9. Those who challenge me in a good way. Really annoying people can challenge you – but they’re not who I mean here. I’m talking more about people who challenge you to become a better person. Em, Di, Mel, Keri, Oz and Frenchy are quite good for that.

10. My sister. The most impressive person in my life.

11. Our beaches. I’m lucky enough to live 500m away from one of the best beaches I’ve ever seen.  I can skip down there (yes, skip) with my surfboard in 3 minutes flat.

12. The sunsets and sunrises I’ve seen. I am normally in the gym when the sun comes up and goes down but with a bit more flexibility in my work Examine schedule this year and early morning runs with Em, I’ve experienced some cheap jerseys crackers :)


13. The sexy girls. People often ask, “how do you put up with 60 girls on a daily basis”? They don’t know how easygoing and unreal the 60 girls I work with are.

sexy girls

14. The shredded lads. It took some time to take off, but the Shredded program and the culture it’s creating is growing at a faster rate than the sexy one!

15. The entrepreneurs and business coaches. Nothing makes me happier than growing, learning and having the tools to implement positive changes. This can happen through reading, sure, but having a coach takes it to a whole other level.

16. Facebook. Because it’s a platform that allows me to network and meet amazing people from all over the world. The amount and kind of quality people I’ve met via FB over the past 12 months is extraordinary.

17. Those who have gone the extra mile for me. These guys have been INCREDIBLE at helping me out and going out of their way – and for some of them, when I talk about the extra mile, I mean the extra mile: Amanda, Frenchy, Mel, Em, Keri, Jack and Janey.

18. Homecooked meals. It’s a simple thing but it makes me SO happy. Jack and Janey are amazing at whipping up meals, as are 3 girls that all live together that i spend a bit of time with these days. When they have a Sunday night ‘family dinner’ on and i get the call up I’m over the moon! :)

19. The honest ones. Some people are so weird about being honest to others. I don’t get it. But there are a couple of guys and girls that will ALWAYS give feedback in the 6w2s programs – and it’s awesome.

20. The hustlers. Those who know me know I struggle with excuses, and I’ve worked on creating a team of people around me who just GET.SHIT.DONE and help me to do the same. Katia, who helps me with some of my writing work, is my no. 1 for this. An absolute star.

21. The funny bastards. Fathead, Duggy and Macca are 3 of the funniest blokes I know. I love my work and it takes a lot of my attention but its’ good to have these blokes around to ‘break the ice’ and get my head away from work. Plus any time I’m with Macca and Proudy or big Mike and Weiner Burger there are good times.

dugmore 2


22. The thoughtful ones. It’s easy to get caught up in our own worlds, but there are a few people who are super impressive when it comes to thinking of others. The cheesecake (my favourite) and presents from Em and Mel on my birthday were awesome. There are presents and gestures which we all love, and then there are presents and gestures that have you thinking “wow, they really thought about this”.

23. The happy and grateful ones. There are some people who are just NEVER in a bad mood and always upbeat. My best mate Prouds is one of them, as is Mel and a relatively ‘new friend’ Castles who has an incredible energy.

24. Service with a smile. It gets me every time. Whether you’re eating out or shopping, service with a smile and good chat is so easy but so underrated.

25. Chillers. I struggle with high maintenance things and people, and most of the time will put them in the ‘too hard’ basket. Ain’t nobody got time cheap jerseys for that!

26. For having good health. I take it for granted too often. I shouldn’t.

27. Those who go against the grain. According to mainstream media, life is really shit and depressing. Just watch the news – they’ll tell you that. Then there are a bunch of influencers who say “fuck that”, let’s focus on the good in the world. I like those people.

28. Those who share their story. I love a good chat. I love getting to know people. I like knowing what makes them tick. Some people get funny about it, whereas some are like me and just Hello want to have a conversation. I like learning about people and understanding them better.

29. For authentic people. I NEVER want to have Cup to second-guess my relationships and friendships. That’s too stressful. Luckily, most of my friends are really authentic – it means what you see is what you get. Yes please.

30. Food. F*ck, I love food. We have tons of options here, and heaps of fresh, good wholesale nfl jerseys quality food to choose from. Anyone who’s been to the US will tell you how bad the eating is over there – and that’s a first world country!

31. You. For taking the time out of your busy day to read my thoughts. I hope they get you thinking and have some kind of positive impact on you :)

What are you grateful for? Some experts think its the easiest way to happiness – I can see why.