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The biggest things for me over the past 12 months

3 proudest moments

1) My best mate getting engaged. Prouds has been my best mate for 15 years and I was staying with him in Melbourne recently when he said: “big fella, I think I’m going to drop the knee this week”. планируют It was undoubtedly the best moment of my year. Being typical Aussie blokes, we don’t talk about that kind of thing much so I was stoked that I was the first to hear the news – and asked to be his best man (if anyone has tips for best man speeches, I would love to hear cheap NFL jerseys from you!). Em, another one of my closest friends, also got engaged, which is awesome.

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2) Seeing a former drug addict become one of the most inspiring guys I’ve worked with. Glenny Munso first came to me about 12 months ago wanting some mentoring for his PT business – this guy is a jet! I’ve loved watching every part of his development over the past year. A former drug addict, he’s now helping thousands of kids around Australia get clean with his YOUTH program. In the last few weeks, we’ve started to work on his book, which he’ll be releasing mid-year.

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3) Giving credit to my younger brother. In the past, my brother and I have clashed a bit, but that’s what can happen when you’re in Whats business with someone – let alone your younger sibling. His development over the last 12 months has been really impressive to the point where I look forward to talking ‘shop’ with him and providing each other with insights into what is working for us and what isn’t.

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3 biggest challenges

1) The online world. I don’t need to talk about this again other than to say it’s been an interesting ‘initiation’ into the world of internet marketing. The lessons learnt will put me in good stead for the next year.

2) Giving enough to people. One of the most disappointing things about the exhausting transition into the online world is that it has drained a lot of my energy – energy that I would like to be putting into the people closest to me, my clients and my blog.

3) Juggling too many things. If I had my time again, I wouldn’t take on 6 different projects at the same time. But hey, you learn! ????



3 most interesting conversations (and lessons)

1) A client – One of the highlights and most powerful conversations I’ve had since I hit the big 3-0 was with a client, good friend and business partner when we were on the 6W2S health retreat. A simple chat around her health quickly turned into one of the most interesting conversations I’ve ever had. I love that I’ve had the chance to understand her better and see another side of her.

Lesson: Talking about the weather and what Kimmy and Kanye are up to is HEAVILY overrated. Try having a real chat with your friends – there is nothing better.  Also, we don’t really know people until we’ve walked a mile in their shoes – or, in this case, had a chat where we can understand what it’s like to do that.


2) Mel the wellness coach – Over the Easter period, I was at Mel’s house working on a little project when she shifted the conversation to women and relationships – a topic Mel is a big fan of but I tend to keep on the wholesale jerseys downlow. Little Mel has only known me for 6 months but has picked up more in that 6 months than other friends have in 15 years. It was cool talking with her about what floats my boat and what doesnt. Some things she picked up that i didnt even know about myself!

Lesson: It’s pretty eye-opening to actually take the time to work out what you want. It’s also pretty interesting to get the perspective of other people about how you come across – but only focus on the opinions that matter! Mel is one of the wisest and most authentic people I’ve met – and her opinion is one that matters to me. 


3) Dad – With my dad on the other side of the world, it’s not easy to maintain a tight relationship, but he sent me a message the other day about my “positive outlook” on life. It was so simple but it will sit with me for a long time to come.

Lesson: A small compliment can make a huge difference.



3 big lessons

1) What triggers people is none of my business. More and more people have come out of the woodwork to take digs at me – mainly via social media. Some comments are funny, but some are pretty aggressive. Every now and then, I do the stupid thing and add fuel to it? it by responding, but most of the time I ignore it. Why? 1) I’ve got better things to do than argue with someone, 2) everyone is entitled to their opinion, and 3) in most cases, people Mold get worked up because of their own ‘stuff’ – something in that post/blog/picture has triggered them or reminded them of something in their past. Take this post for example.

Screen Shot 2015-05-05 at 1.11.38 pm

It has been my most cheap MLB jerseys popular one to date BUT you should have seen the uproar caused by a couple of people on my Instagram. Apparently I’m a sexiest pig….. ????


2) We’re too disconnected. The weekend away with the 6W2S girls was a definite highlight. A chance to stop, relax and chat… properly. It was a reminder of what is missing so often for me in Sydney – the opportunity to stop and connect with people properly – everyone is in such a rush – including me!


3) We’re better than that. The quality of my friendships means I very rarely carry anyone or allow myself to be drained by anyone. There is very little drama and gossip, and for that I’m forever grateful. It irritates me when I dragged into any of that ‘embarrassing behaviour’ – mostly because it bores the sh*t out of me. While the battlers cheap jerseys are gossiping and causing problems the successful people are too busy getting shit done – try joining them.

What has the last 12 months brought for you? What are some of the best memories? I tend to spend most of my time looking forward but every now and then its good to look at where you’ve come from and what you can take from it.