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For those thinking of ‘taking a break’ from their training during winter

It started this Monday morning, right on cue: one of our 6W2S groups had a third of the numbers it usually does. Welcome to winter!

It’s fascinating to think that a large percentage of people are prepared to let 9 months of hard work go down the drain by taking a 3 month break when the weather cools down.

There’s no doubt it’s chilly outside – I’m out there every morning, so I feel it, but let’s be real. That cold lasts 5 minutes. Yep, once you’ve spent 5 minutes warming up, you’ll actually start cheap jerseys free shipping to embrace that little bit of coldness. There’s just five minutes of discomfort to get through first.

Do you wholesale jerseys know what’s more uncomfortable? Those jeans you’re wearing that are getting tighter and tighter because wholesale nba jerseys you’re not prepared to brave the cold for 5 minutes.

There’s no doubt it’s easy to stay in a warm, comfortable bed. It feels good. But do you know what doesn’t feel good? When that muscle definition, abs and toned legs you once had disappears because you didn’t stick to your routine.

There’s no a doubt it’s darker outside during the winter. But guess what? It’s nowhere near as dark as the headspace and lack of productivity that comes with not doing exercise.

Yes, as humans, we’re designed to sleep a little more in winter. And without the sun, we do feel a little more tired. But that level of tiredness doesn’t even compare to the lack of energy and vitality you’ll be missing out on if you don’t exercise.

Here’s the thing. It’s harder Carpet in winter. We know that. It’s a battle to get out of bed and exercise every morning – we know that. There’s that voice inside your head telling you to sleep in. You reason with yourself, justify it and then hit the for. snooze button. You’re not the only one!



But I want you to think about this. If, for the next 3 months, you can stay ON TRACK, maintain the biggest awesome habits you’ve created over the warmer months and brave the cold, you’re going to be in a MUCH BETTER situation when we come out the other side in August.

So here are your options:

1) Throw in the towel and ‘take a break’ from training. Sleep in. Feel unmotivated. Feel sloppy and untoned. Watch your confidence go down and deal with shitty moods because not only are you missing out on the endorphins from exercise, but you’re not getting much vitamin D from the sun either. See your productivity and energy dive. Develop crappy eating and sleeping habits because thats what tends to happen you’re not exercising. Start having less sex and feeling less connected to your partner because your sex drive has taken a dive and you’re not feeling good about your body.


2) Get the f*ck out of bed knowing there is that Writing little voice in your head telling you not to. Rug up. Get to training. After bildad 5 minutes, find yourself sweating like a pig. Get rid of all the layers of clothing. Pump through the workout. Walk away feeling high on life: confident, strong, fit and healthy. Eat like a champion – because when you’re fit, you want to eat well. Spread positivity everywhere you go, because when you’re feeling good about yourself, you project those good vibes onto everyone else and spend each and every day being a better version of yourself because you were prepared to invest in your healthy, happiness and headspace first thing in the morning.

Which option are you going to take?

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