Hey Blake,

Before we start I feel I need to own a few things.

Well, I’ve owned them – but now I’m owning them publicly with you.

I am a recovering unconscious, egotistical (potentially even narcissistic) male who has been stuck in his ways for way too long and always thought I was right.

To add to that mess – up until about two years ago I legitimately thought I was perfect and the problem was with everyone else (ok, you can stop laughing now).

Phew, now that the embarrassing part is over, let me explain why that was a terrible way to ‘do’ life.

Us as humans are KILLING our chances of having more success because we are MORE INTERESTED in being ‘right’, backing up our current belief system and finding evidence to support it, rather than changing our way of thinking, being ok with being wrong and opening up to new possibilities.

One of my favourite sayings is from a guy by the name of Albert Einstein (you may have heard of him) who said “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them”

The challenging part is that there is plenty of evidence to back up our current belief system.

You currently believe that running is bad for you – well, I’m pretty sure a couple of people die each year running the ‘city to surf’ so technically you’re right AND 97,500 people finish it and are ok…..

You’re running a whole bunch of stories about why guys suck and you never want to date again – well Jay Z cheated on Beyonce and if someone is going to cheat on Beyonce what bloody hope does the rest of the world?!?!

AND there are millions of successful relationships around the world…..

The point is that we as humans, are AMAZING story tellers. We can BS our way into believing anything – and in part that is because there is truth in it. There is also truth in thinking and doing things a different way.

A ‘better’ way.

A way that might actually serve you (and those around you) more than the way you’re currently doing things.

You just have to loosen your grip on what you believe to be true.

It’s not a sign of weakness.

It’s actually one of the most badass strengths out there.

So badass in fact, that the world’s most wealthy man (Jeff Bezos – said to be worth at 160 billion dollars) believes that its the no.1 sign of intelligence (click here for the article) and if its good enough for him its good enough for me.

So powerful do I believe it to be that its one of the first things I mention to a client when I start working with them.

Happy Friday you flexible fire starters.

Blake – the grip loosener