One of the first things I get a new client to do is to get clear on what they want.

Sounds simple enough right?

Wrong. So so wrong.

In fact I reckon 1 in 15 people probably have this sorted.

You know what they are clear on though?

What they DONT want.


And here my friends, lies a problem.

Your brain doesnt distinguish the difference between negatives and positives.

For example if I tell you NOT to think of a blue car, what happens?

You think of the blue car.

So while its all G knowing what you dont want you need to start framing your thought processes toward what you DO want – otherwise you’re going to get a whole lot more of that ‘crappy’ stuff.

So while you kick the heels up a bit over the Christmas break be sure to frame it the right way 🙂

One thing I will tell you is this can be a frustrating exercise at times. Stick with it.