Our shadow.

It’s something that as a collective we’re very good at avoiding.

The desire for everything to be ‘love and light’ and our deep seeded need to be perfect only strengthens the shadow.

Our shadow is the parts of ourselves that we’ve disowned.

That we hide from.

That we have shame around.

The parts of ourselves that growing up, were often ridiculed or punished and not ‘acceptable’ so now we don’t accept them.

So we walk around with this ‘persona’ we’ve spent years putting together.

A polished, polite, bullshit version of ourselves that we desperately hope will be accepted and approved by everyone.

So polish and polite is it, that many of us become this obedient, tame mix of a domesticated cat and a doormat.

A resentful doormat that if we had our shadow integrated probably wouldn’t find ourselves in a number of shitty situations that we get into.

The problem is these parts never leave you.

They stay in the ‘shadow’.

If you try and get rid of the qualities (which you never will) you lose touch with your true being and you become a ticking time bomb....

A ticking time bomb that most likely will play out these shadow parts of you in an unhealthy and more destructive way.

The list of ‘shadows’ can be long and the most common ones I’ve seen with clients are the suppressed sexuality for females and the repressed anger for males.

The goal is to reintroduce them and integrate them in a healthy way.

A way that has you return to the fullest most authentic version of you.

In a world fixated on being ‘perfect’ (whatever the fuck that means) consider shifting your focus to being ‘whole’ - and for that to happen shadow work is definitely worth thinking about.