Life By Design - Payment Plan

Starting May 22nd 2023

Life By Design is a 10 week program for those looking to break free from their limitations, master their mind and create a successful and fulfilling ‘Life By Design’.

What you'll get:

  • 10 x Weekly Workshops
  • 10 x Weekly Challenges
  • 10 x Weekly Live Q&A (Consider this mini 1:1 coaching)
  • Daily Journal Prompts
  • Private Online Community with supportive, like minded people 
  • Access to all recordings

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$220.00 p/w for 10 Weeks

Your payment information will be stored on a secure server for future purchases


By completing this purchase, you agree that you have read the following terms & conditions.

14-day Money Back Guarantee
If you aren't completely satisfied with this program, send an email to my team ([email protected]within the first 14 days for a full refund. A refund of any kind beyond this will not be met. 

Payments and Terms
If your payment fails more than once there will be a $47 administration fee, and if not fixed within 7 days your access may be restricted until you are up to date with payments.   If you can foresee an issue with your payments please send us an email in advance so we can work with you on this.

Self Responsibility and Results
You enter this agreement and accept full responsibility for your personal progress and success and understand that the results of this experience relies on your commitment. 

You understand that because of the nature of the journey, the results experienced by you and/or each participant may vary significantly. 

If you believe this program is not unfolding as desired, you are responsible for communicating to me clearly and together we can take action to return to your intention and support the rest of your journey.

We shall each act in good faith, keep lines of honest communication open between us as much as possible, and refrain from any conduct or communication which might interfere with the business and personal interests of each other at any time.

Confidentiality and Boundaries.
Please be sure to keep the questions and support to the online community and the Q&A calls - not DM’s on FB or IG (I will not answer them there and will guide you back to the program or to bring your questions to the next call….)

Feel free to share your own personal experiences but under no circumstance are any names or what is said in the group calls to be shared outside of the group. If this is found to have happened you may be removed from the group.

If you need any clarity or have any access or program issues please contact [email protected] 

Expectations and Non-Negotiables
Do your weekly Win / Challenge / Lesson / Reflection / Intention video in the telegram group every Sunday.

Show up for a minimum of 2 Journal Prompts each week.

Comment or engage on someone else's journal prompt or video at least once a week.

Attend at least 75% of the weekly workshops and pod calls (3 out of 4 a month). 

Mental Health Care
This program and the coaches within it are not trained psychologists, counselors or psychiatrists so if you feel the need for any extra support it is your responsibility to ask for this and I will refer you to someone who can offer you the support you need.

Constructive Feedback
It’s my intention to provide a space where you’re able to share and engage in an open discussion. If you feel that this is not meeting your expectations please email [email protected] and if I feel I’m not the right fit, I’ll do our best to refer you to a suitable practitioner or program. 

All information shared by you during this mentorship is held with the strictest confidentiality.


  1. When disclosure is required to prevent clear and imminent danger to yourself and others.
  2. When legal requirements demand that confidential material be revealed.

The content I provide to you is protected by copyright laws and treaties around the world, with all rights reserved. 

All resources, session notes, meditations, workbooks, guides and information shared during the journey (my intellectual property) is created for personal use only and may not be sold or shared with anyone who is not participating in the journey.

You agree that:

- If you infringe or threaten to infringe my intellectual property rights I will be entitled to injunctive relief to prevent any breach of this agreement without needing to prove that actual damage has occurred.

- This is necessary and reasonable to secure my investment in my intellectual property and that money is inadequate compensation for a breach or threatened breach of this agreement.

Limitation of Liability
You agree to take full responsibility for your implementation and engagement in this program. You agree that you will not hold myself, Blake Worrall-Thompson, responsible for any costs, loss, injury or damage that you might experience as a result of participating in this program.

You agree that your participation in this program including all activities that you may choose to undertake in association with this program, is entirely voluntary. 

You expressly agree that you have personally researched the risks involved and made a conscious decision to proceed, willingly accepting all foreseeable risk of injury or damage that may arise from your participation.

You expressly agree that if this clause is unenforceable for any reason, my total cumulative liability for all causes of action of any kind shall not exceed the amount that you have paid to me under this Agreement.


If I have any concerns arising out of this Agreement or your participation in working together, I agree that I shall communicate with the intention of making a genuine effort to seek a win/win solution and resolve any dispute by negotiation and discussion.

Please send an email to [email protected] to begin the process.

If we are unable to resolve a dispute by negotiation and discussion within 14 days, we agree to proceed to mediation with the assistance of an independent accredited mediator, seeking online dispute resolution or mediation by telephone if we are not both in New South Wales, Australia.

The mediator is to be appointed by agreement between us or, failing agreement within 21 days of the negotiation period ending, the person initiating the dispute will seek the appointment of a dispute resolution professional by the President of the Law Society of New South Wales.

We agree to share all the costs of mediation equally between us.

This Agreement is subject to the governing law of New South Wales. Regardless of where you live in the world, you irrevocably agree that if the dispute resolution processes fail, the courts of New South Wales, and the Commonwealth of Australia, will have exclusive jurisdiction.