'I had nothing left to lose'

The day I officially filed for bankruptcy.

I remember the day so clearly because Darren, my trustee, made a bit of a joke about it being Friday the 13th. Good on him for lightening the mood. I had so much pain, shame, judgement, guilt and embarrassment around it that it was a refreshing change. 

For me as a man,  it was the ultimate failure - and at that point the hardest moment of my life.  Little did I know it was just the start of 15 months of hell. From there life threw everything at me.

I shut down my business. 

I got fired from 3 jobs.

I applied and got rejected from over 50 jobs.

My car blew up.

I split with my girlfriend.

I had no money.

No job.

No direction. 

I was feeling the loneliest I'd ever felt and I was days away from being homeless before our oldest family friend took me in. I remember saying to one of my best mates (now a business partner) “At least I still have my physical and mental health”.

God bless him he didn’t say a thing but I definitely didn't have my mental health and one week after that (And 15 months since it all started) I ended up in hospital with what they thought was meningococcal.

I literally had nothing left to lose.

I was completely broken and surrendered.

So at the cherry ripe age of 35 I moved back to Adelaide and moved in with my mum. For me without a job and not a cent to my name I didn’t know what else to do.

I remember saying to myself “I get why blokes jump”...

It was the dark thought that I felt would relieve the pressure but I also didn't want to take the easy option and I knew that with what I had learnt through my coaching that I would be alright. That I would find a way out.

I wasn't sure how but I knew that I would.

 Every time my mind wandered to the future it looked so dark and bleak I had to come back to trying to be present. And in September 2019 the climb from the bottom of the pit started.

I got a job as a dish-pig at my brothers cafe.

One week after doing an ayahuasca ceremony the concept of moMENtum was born. Then came our first event in Sydney. And from September 2019 to 2020 my world rose just as quickly as it had fallen the year before.

By September 2020 I had found myself in Byron Bay loving my life more than ever before.

The big thing that kept me alive and going (other than hope) was a deep understanding of mindset, mental health and fulfilment and now I’m fortunate enough to work with hundreds of clients in a 1:1 and a group capacity to give them the tools to free themselves of limiting conditions to find their potential, purpose and fulfilment.