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What my clients are saying


"Limitless is truly a life changing program that shifts you as a being and allows for a new sense of consciousness to be born. Diving deep into your real core values, limiting beliefs and patterns to transform your mindset. This is powerful work that shifts your perspective on life in the most positive way possible. Being able to connect with likeminded people that care about growth and becoming the best version of themselves has been a big highlight. Blake has re ignited the power in me to take ownership of my life and create one that is incredibly meaningful."

Racquel Vesper

Never have I engaged with a group program that covers such a comprehensive range of content areas and equips you with such a wide variety of tools for your “personal development tool box”; it's the perfect balance between theory and practice. This program has formed such a solid foundation for my personal development journey and the learnings will be something that I continue to reap the benefits of well beyond the 12 weeks. Blake’s knowledge (#thewalkingkindle), heart and passion is so safe and energising to be in the presence of; I can't wait to continue working with him as his epic vision continues to expand!

Kirstene Cia