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My Story

I’m a Sydney-based Personal Trainer, TV Presenter, Health & Fitness Coach and Author who has spent the past 13 years working with thousands of people to help them achieve their fitness, health and life goals.

I spend my day living and breathing health and fitness. If I’m not working one-on-one with clients or in small group training sessions, I’m reading, writing, blogging or presenting to large groups and corporates.

I’m lucky because nothing feels more rewarding than being able to help folk by doing something you love! I am your typical health nerd and read everything on the subject from diet to exercise, the power of the mind, stress, sleep, hormone balancing – you name it! The upside being that for over a decade, I’ve experimented with each and every style of training, food fad, and weight loss scheme and can comfortably say that I have the secret to helping you be the best version of YOU. I look forward to continuing my health and wellness journey with all of you.

Workshops and Programs

6W2S Online

Powered by Performance Workshops

The performance workshops that Blake runs cover a number of different areas from health and fitness to mindset and motivation and all the way through to the art of TRUE goal-setting and how to create the ultimate life for yourself. Blake has worked with major corporations such as
and The Iconic on how to maximise staff performance, productivity, health and happiness.

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6W2S Programs

My 6W2S programs are a fat loss program specifically formulated for women and men who are looking to lose weight, tone up, and improve their fitness. The program has been running for over 18 months now— and we’ve seen some incredible results! This program is perfect for those that need a little extra motivation and guidance.

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6W2S Online

Online 6W2S Programs

My 6W2S Online Programs are a tried, tested, and proven online functional fitness and fat loss membership program providing tools, training programs and meal plans. Based on the principles of functional fat loss, I guide you through weight, strength and cardio training sessions to transform your body in 42 days at any fitness level.

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Performance and lifestyle coaching

My programs are a total mind and body experience that will help transform your body from the inside and out. I keep a small client base for my wellbeing consulting to make sure I can dedicate the right amount of time to each and every client to ensure success. There is no one-size-fits-all approach and for that reason there is an application process involved to ensure we are a good fit.

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Performanceand Lifestyle Coaching

Living the Project

Discover the program that walks you through the steps to creating the world you’ve always dreamed of but have never been able to create.

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Fill your cup Friday Podcast

If you are looking for some thoughts on health, fitness, performance and mindset from myself and Michael Puhle. Tune in every Friday for a new episode.

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