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 Are you ready to break free from your limitations, master your mind and create a successful and fulfilling ‘Life By Design’?

I'm Ready To Create My Life By Design

Are you living a
Life By Design Or Default?

Life By Default


✘ Feeling a little unfulfilled and like something is ‘missing’ (hint: it is) 

✘ Feeling a little empty and wanting more from life

✘ Having people around you, but feeling like you're on a different page or path

✘ Feeling a little lost and not sure where you are heading. 

✘ Playing small with limiting beliefs and behaviours 

✘ On autopilot and going through the motions 

✘ Feeling stuck and sick of your own sh*t

✘ Frustrated that you’re not achieving your goals  

✘ Asking yourself “is this all there is”

Life By Design


A life that has deeper levels of FULFILMENT and more FLOW 

A life with more PASSION and PURPOSE

A life that is more ALIGNED and more ALIVE 

A life free from BARRIERS, BELIEFS and BLINDSPOTS that keep holding you back

A life with more CLARITY on what you want and CERTAINTY in how to get there  

A life where you can EXECUTE on your goals with more EASE 

A life where you can finally tap into your UNLIMITED POTENTIAL

I Want To Create My Life By Design


Life By Design

A 10 week program for those looking to break free from their limitations, master their mind and create a successful and fulfilling ‘Life By Design’. 

This program has been designed for committed individuals who want to get MORE out of themselves and life!


Starting Sept 29th. 

Life By Design

What's Included:

Weekly Workshops where you’ll gain access to the step by step process to creating your ultimate and unique ‘Life By Design’. 

Weekly Journal Prompts to help you go deeper into each of the topics and uncover parts of yourself that might help or hinder your quest for your ‘Life By Design’ 

Weekly Live Q&A where you can share with me where you’re at and receive hot seat coaching from me on what you need to move forward.

Weekly Breathwork Sessions to help you move through limiting beliefs and stuck emotions that are holding you back from creating your 'Life by Design'. 

Integration Exercises to help you put your learnings into actions so that you can create better habits to support your ‘Life by Design’ 

An Online Community of like minded people that have you feel seen and supported on your quest to creating your ‘Life By Design’  

I'm Ready

What makes Life By Design Different?

Life By Design is the program I wish I had when I was searching for answers on how to have more success and fulfilment in my life. It’s the very best information, tools and strategies from my 20 years in the personal development space without the fluff.

Inside Life By Design, 
you will discover:

✔ How to MASTER YOUR MIND and execute on your goals with more ease, confidence and certainty 

 How to get CLARITY on what you want in life 

 Why society is set up for you to fail and how to escape the unconscious prison you’re currently stuck in

✔ Why you’re not as happy and fulfilled as you could be and how to change it  

 How to step into your true authentic self and own it 

 How to create your ultimate and unique ‘Life By Design’


Likeminded Community

Connect with others on a similar path to you

You will have access to our exclusive online group where you can connect with a like minded community. Plus get the necessary support from Blake to make sure you maximise your 10 weeks. 


Daily Accountability

Journaling, Prompts & Check ins

To support you through your 10 weeks, you will be given daily prompts, exercises and check ins to help integrate and expand your growth. With the support of our community, you will stay accountable to your growth and goals.

A bit about:

Blake Worrall-Thompson

BLAKE WORRALL-THOMPSON is a lifestyle and mindset coach based in Byron Bay, Australia.

Having spent the last 19yrs in the coaching space studying a diverse range of modalities in ‘human behaviour’, Blake’s unique and innovative coaching style is a catalyst for helping his clients collapse time and transform from where they are to where they want to be.

After years of studying a diverse range of modalities including NLP, breathwork, relationships, hypnosis to name a few, Blake helps people free themselves of limiting conditions to live a fulfilling and successful ‘Life By Design’. 

The success of Blake’s clients has seen him work with thousands of people from all different backgrounds and had him featured in Men's Fitness Magazine, D’Marge, The Daily Telegraph, Vogue and many more. 

Forever challenging the status quo and society’s norms, Blake's open minded approach allows him to delve into areas many are afraid of which brings with it its own insights, methods and learnings to go with his radically honest approach.

What People Are Saying...

Matt Schmidt

"Since working with Blake I’ve learnt the skills to apply to my life such as self awareness, self discipline, resilience, grit, determination, accountability through daily and weekly challenges from a genuine down to earth human being whose been through the fire and come out the other side better for it."

Liam O'Donnell

"I am wildly grateful to have someone like him in my life. The group programs that he creates are excellent, the content is second to none it really is up there with the elite. He really helps move the needle. If you are experiencing any challenges in your life then I really encourage you to connect with Blake."

Toni Gam

"Blake has constantly exceeded my expectations and challenged me in all the ways I’ve needed. If you’re looking to open your mind, be held accountable, connect with amazing like-minded people on a similar self-development journey, and create changes to live a life that’s in alignment with your values, then I couldn’t recommend it enough."

Beth Mattingly

"Blake's programs have literally changed my life! Blake has created a safe space for like minded people to connect, share and grow. It was pretty incredible to be part of a collective who were so open, vulnerable and supportive every step of the way. His work has taught me that anything is possible. For the first time in years, I feel like I’m actually living!"

Stacey Chagas

"I came in lost, broken and lived in a constant state of fear. Through this course I have learnt so much about me and know now that I have everything I need in me already, I am not lost, there is nothing missing. I felt safe and held and supported. That is a feeling I’ve never felt before. I am now so excited for my future because with the knowledge and tools I have, I know it will be so much happier and more fulfilling. "

Steph Palmese

“The personal toolkit is overflowing with new ideas and strategies I can continue to use and share with others. Blake is a knowledgable, warm-hearted, enthusiastic, down to earth, genuine coach. Within the first week of the program you witness and feel just how passionate he is about living by design and it is infectious! I'm so grateful for all that I have learnt and am very proud of the person I have become."

This is for you if...


 You are sick and tired of living the mediocre life that the majority of society lives 

 You know you are capable of more and ready to level up in all areas of your life 

 You are committed to becoming the best version of yourself 

 You want a more fulfilling and success life 

 You want the strategies to create an epic life and not have to struggle anymore 

 You are looking for a supportive and accountable group of like minded people


It's not for you if...


You’re ok with being ok

✘ You’re stuck in your old ways and think you have all the answers

✘ You’re not TRULY ready for change 

✘ You think myself (or anyone else) is going to carry you 

✘ You’re not ready to put in some work to create your ultimate life

✘ You're going to use 'i'm too busy' as an excuse

✘ You're more interested in your stories than you are solutions

✘ You're stuck in victim mode, and not ready to see another way


I Want To Create A Life By Design

Payment Plan

$220 p/w

Over 10 Weeks

  • 10 x Weekly Workshops
  • 10 x Weekly Integration Exercises
  • 10 x Weekly Live Q&A (Consider this mini 1:1 coaching)
  • 10 x Weekly Breathwork Sessions
  • Weekly Journal Prompts
  • Private Online Community with supportive, like minded people 
  • Access to all recordings
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Pay In Full

$2,000 AUD

Early Bird Price

  • 10 x Weekly Workshops
  • 10 x Weekly Integration Exercises
  • 10 x Weekly Live Q&A (Consider this mini 1:1 coaching)
  • 10 x Weekly Breathwork Sessions
  • Weekly Journal Prompts
  • Private Online Community with supportive, like minded people 
  • Access to all recordings
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Are you ready to Live Your
Life By Design?


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