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About Blake

BLAKE WORRALL-THOMPSON is a lifestyle and mindset coach based in Byron Bay, Australia. Having dedicated the past 21 years to studying the intricacies of human behaviour, happiness, and peak performance, Blake is committed to freeing people from their limiting conditions and helping them create their ‘Life By Design’.

Blake’s unique and innovative coaching style stands out in helping his clients collapse time and transform from where they are to where they want to be.

Drawing from his diverse range of studies, Blake is trained and qualified in a number of modalities including Neuro-Linguistic Programming, breathwork, relationship coaching, hypnosis, psychedelic practitioner training as well as his own lived experience.

Blake’s track record of client success has seen him work with thousands of people from all different backgrounds and has been featured in Men's Fitness Magazine, D’Marge, The Daily Telegraph, and Vogue magazine.

Forever challenging the status quo and society’s norms, Blake's open-minded approach allows him to delve into areas many are afraid of, which brings with it its own insights, methods, and learnings to complement his radically honest approach.

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Where we unlock the gateway to your own transformation. Step into the world of unlimited possibilities as Blake Worrall-Thompson dives into the minds of the world's greatest thought leaders. Here you'll discover the tools and insights needed to create your own successful, fulfilling and balanced "Life By Design". 

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