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LBD is for high achievers and ambitious individuals who are passionate about achieving more, living with more purpose and freedom, and enjoying meaningful relationships. 


LBD is the ultimate solution to achieving lasting fulfillment, work-life balance, and personal mastery.

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Master Yourself, Master Your Life. 

LBD is the ultimate solution for those who want to unlock their full potential and take control of their destiny. Our program empowers you to master yourself so you can master your life. 

Set a higher standard and surround yourself with the top 1%!

Our community is your handpicked private advisory board, curated to help you excel in both your personal and professional life. Surround yourself with extraordinary individuals who share your energy, inspiration, and commitment to transformation.

Experience Unimaginable Momentum

Benefit from never-seen-before trainings with Blake and his team of experts, who will equip you with an arsenal of tools and strategies for life-changing outcomes. Plus, join the tribe, as well as your accountability partner and POD each week, to provide you with the support and accountability you need to close the gap from where you are to where you want to be.

Experience Unimaginable Momentum

Whether you're pursuing longtime dreams or aiming to excel in every area of your life, LBD can catapult you to success faster than ever before. Say goodbye to feeling stuck and alone – with LBD, you'll take back full control of your life and experience the results you've always wanted.

Are You Ready?

If you're ready to unleash your full potential, connect with driven individuals, and experience unimaginable levels of momentum in every area of your life, then it's time to join Life By Design.

Your journey starts now. 

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The LBD Community is carefully curated.

Here is what we are looking for.

This program IS FOR:

✔ Exceptional humans with a Level of Excellence:

If you're an exceptional individual and with an ELITE skill set and a level of excellence then we may be a match made in heaven and you’re well on the way to becoming part of the program. 

✔ Givers who are Growers: 

While our program will skyrocket your personal and professional growth - there’s a little something we ask in return: a commitment to giving.  We’re not just here to take; we’re here to give and grow together.  

✔ Sharers and Carers: 

In our program we encourage you to openly share what's going on for you - whether they're good, bad, ugly, or somewhere in between. At the core of our community is care - for each other, our clients, our businesses and the impact we collectively want to make in the world.  

✔ Open Minds that Open Doors:

Our members come with open hearts and open minds, and if they have the connections, they can open doors for each other as well. Whether through business opportunities, networking or collaborations - the possibilities are endless. 

✔ Go-Getters with the goods:

Success loves speed, and we’re dedicated to helping you achieve it.  We believe in taking fast action and continuous striving for self-improvement. Your own success (and the secrets behind it) also become extremely valuable to the other members within the program. 

✔ People Persons:

At the heart of our program is authentic connections and a sense of community built from natural genuine relationships. We create a safe and supportive environment with like minded people who are approachable and there for you when you need them. 

✔ Less BS, more kind badasses:

Not only is our community filled with some of the kindest and best people you will ever meet but they’re also absolute badasses in their chosen fields. We thrive in a drama and chaos-free environment and support each other and get shit done.

This program ISN'T FOR:

✘ Money Makers Without More To Life:

While we value financial success and achieving great things in your career - we’re not of the belief that it has to come at the expense of your character or the other important things in your life like your family, partner and health. 

✘ Know-It-Alls: 

We dont believe in those who think they already have everything figured out. We’re lifelong students, always growing and evolving, aware that having all the answers is an illusion - and that we’re here for the journey.  

✘ Less Ego And More Ethics: 

We're committed to doing business the right way with integrity and we have no tolerance for unethical business. Also be sure to leave your ego at the door when you join this program.

✘ A Dumping Ground: 

While we understand that life has its ups and downs and we’re empathetic and understanding of that - this program isn’t the dumping group for all of life’s problems. It's a place where we work together to discover solutions and move forward, even during challenging times.

✘ Solution Seekers, Not Storytellers: 

While everyone has their challenges - but this ain't the place to spend too much time dwellin’ on them. We're focused on discovering solutions to our problems and progressing with purpose.

✘ Informers Who Aren’t Implementers: 

As a society we are flooded with information but starved of implementation and integration. While there will be plenty for you to learn in this program - there is more of a focus on implementing. 

The Six Pillars of LBD


A career that ignites your passion while giving you the freedom to do things your way and on your terms.


Achieve financial freedom by making more meaningful money doing what you love. 


Surround yourself with a community of energising and inspiring individuals who you LOVE and want to spend more time with.   


Create an epic relationship that keeps you in a perpetual 'honeymoon' state and surpasses anything you've experienced before.


Unlock the full potential of your mind and tap into a peak performance with a holistic approach that includes your fitness, nutrition, sleep and hydration.


Continue on your journey of personal growth and evolution fuelled not by your individual values, passions and hobbies. 

Life By Design Program


Per Week

  • A 1:1 private call with me, Blake, to create your personalized “Life By Design” roadmap.
  • Fortnightly Workshops with me + guest speakers
  • Fortnightly Q&A Calls 
  • Fortnightly Accountability Check-ins & Mapping Sessions with your accountability group + accountability partner
  • Access to the ‘Life By Design’ Private Community Group.
  • Access to the The LBD Training Library ($15,000 Value)
  • DISCOUNT TICKETS to In-Person Events
  • In Person Meet Ups
  • Direct access to Blake's personal coaches and mentors

**Please note: The price of this program increases with every 5 people who join.

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Why I Created LBD?

I created LBD for the former version of me. 

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Sarah Jenkinson

"Blake has created such a SAFE AND ENGAGING SPACE that allows you to open up, to SHARE WITHOUT SHAME AND FEEL WITHOUT GUILT. LBD unites some of the MOST AMAZING INDIVIDUALS WHO COLLECTIVELY HELP YOU NAVIGATE YOUR INNER WORLD, your past traumas, your inner critic, your ego and your new found conscious mind in a safe and supportive environment. LBD has really taught me how to stop and go inwards to feel it all. Since starting the program last year I have been able to discover parts within me which need more work, healing and attention. I have developed a whole new level of self-awareness and consciousness, and through the consistent unpacking of my inner world, my triggers and my past traumas I have been able to find a deep aligned sense of direction and clarity around how I want to show up in the life I want to live. 
I could not recommend this course any highly to anyone who is looking for change, clarity, alignment and understanding of themselves, their past and their future. BLAKE IS AN INCREDIBLE COACH AND MENTOR WHO WILL HAVE ONE OF THE BIGGEST IMPACTS ON YOUR ENTIRE LIFE. I could not be more grateful for what this work has done for me.

Nat Douglas

"Blake finds a way to BRINGS HUMANNESS AND HUMOUR/LIGHTNESS TO THE JOURNEY and it feels like BEING PART OF A BIG FAMILY. I'VE LOVED THE ACCOUNTABILITY, how deeply he + others in the program care and HOW NON JUDGEMENTAL, CURIOUS AND COMPASSIONATE this container has been. Some of the questions, activities, and discussions shared over the program have allowed me to not only become aware of so much more (despite already having done a fairly large amount of "work"), but also to integrate that awareness and growth which is often a missing part in this personal development/mindset world"

Caitlin McNiff

"I started working with Blake through Limitless and have since joined the program which has TAKEN MY INNER WORK TO THE NEXT LEVEL. This program is a COMMUNITY OF EPIC LIKE MINDED PEOPLE who show up every day in the group to explore Blake’s prompts, dig deeper into the why, which questions my own thinking about my life and experiences. EVERY WEEK I LEARN A NEW PERSPECTIVE that I hadn’t contemplated when connecting with people in the group which I absolutely love! And have made connections with some amazing people that I wouldn’t have met otherwise. Blake’s framework in each quarter has really helped me further understand who I am and my patterns and behaviors which have ultimately helped me step into the person I am and how I want to show up and create my life by design. Since starting 6 months ago and committing to doing the work I'VE SEEN AN IMPROVEMENT IN ALL AREAS OF MY LIFE. If you want to get to know who you are on a deeper level, step more into your authentic self and work towards building a life you love, whilst creating connection with a group of epic people I highly recommend joining trybe!"


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